Horticultural Society

Horticultural Society

chillertonshow Our 2020 Summer Flower Show was planned to take place on Saturday July 25th at the Village Green

Download the show schedule including the 2020 programme of activities here

Show schedule2020

Update in May 2020

The committee have reluctantly decided to cancel this year’s show and meetings apart from Classes 123 (grow-on potato) and 66 (grow-on houseplant) which will be judged at a distance, so please keep looking after them!

Meanwhile, on their exercise walks along the parish lanes volunteers are surveying the verges to see how wildflowers emerge, flower and set seed throughout the year.

It’s not too late to join the surveying group and there are plenty of lanes that aren’t being surveyed. Call 721519 if you would like to join us.

Each month from April we will post a set of photographs of new plants in flower, as well as a ‘Flower of the month’ story. They  can be downloaded here:


Shining Cranesbill May 2020

May wildflower checklist


Berry Lane G15 to Billingham Shute 29052020

Berry Lane Ramsdown to Roslin jct 070520

G10 Gatcombe Bridleway 110520

Loverstone Shute to G15 080520

Ramsdown to G15 110520

Rectory Lane to G10 110520

Sunken Lane Loverstone 060520


April 1 wildflower checklist

white deadnettle April 2020


Berry Lane G15 to Billingham Shute 05042020

Berry Lane Ramsdown to Roslin jct 070420

Loverstone Shute to G15 100420

Ramsdown to G15 020420

Rectory Lane to G10 0420

Snowdrop Lane Gatcombe 220320

Sunken Lane Loverstone 080420


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