Parish Council Members

Here are the members of the Parish Council

Maxine Warr (Parish Clerk)

Maxine was recruited as Clerk to the parish council in March 2008.

A true Caulkhead, she can trace her ancestors on the Island back to 1756. Although originally from Ryde, she now lives in Cowes.

Maxine was delighted to be able to help the parish council to attain Quality Status in August 2008 and hopes she can continue to help them develop in future years.

In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, reading and learning Spanish.

01983 609850

Gillian Belben (Chairman)

Gillian was born on the Island and has had a home in the village since 1997. After a career overseas she returned to the Island permanently in 2009. Her involvement in village life began when she took on the role of secretary to the annual Flower Show, run by the Chillerton and Gatcombe Horticultural Society. She is also a founder member of Chillerton Village Market and Cafe which is a cooperative venture, buying and selling local produce, which meets monthly at the Village Hall, or weekly during the summer. Gillian also helped to set up the village allotment at the school, where a group of villagers work together to produce fresh vegetables and flowers for their own use and to sell at the market. She is a walk leader for the IW Walking Festival, running local walks exploring landscape and social history, and is a member of the Isle of Wight Beekeepers Association.

After attending meetings regularly Gillian has now joined the Parish Council, hoping to continue the work of responding to local concerns and interests. Her own interests cover the seven-year Island Roads programme and how it will affect this parish, and in the protection of biodiverse habitats for wildlife.

Area of special responsibility- Chillerton Community Association representative and deputy IWALC representative

01983 721519

Register of Interest Gillian Belben

Roland Payn (Sham) (Vice-Chairman)

I moved to the Isle Of Wight with my wife, Loraine and daughter Lisa, in 1988, following a spur of the moment snap decision whilst on holiday. We had visited the Island several times previously but, on this occasion whilst on our way home, we popped in to have a look at the then Chillerton Post Office and General Store which we had seen advertised in The County Press. This premises consisted of a front room given over to the business while the rest of the building provided spacious living accommodation. By the time we had returned to our car, our minds were made up and we stopped off at the Estate Agents, on the way home, to put in an offer.

For me the decision involved a change of direction with my career. I been a Deputy Head Teacher in London for six years and was in the process of applying for Headships. However, it had been a dream of ours to move to the countryside so we thought that, at the age of 40, the time was ripe for a change of life. Loraine then took a course in Brighton to become a Post Mistress and I secured a couple of term’s work as a classroom teacher at All Saints Primary School in Freshwater.

We soon adapted to our new home and neighbourhood and got to know a large number of local people very quickly as they passed through our Post Office and Store. Our daughter, Lisa, joined Chillerton Primary School where she stayed for a year before moving on to Nodehill.

It was obvious that the income from our business was fairly limited so I knew I would have to gain more permanent employment. Thus, in 1999, I was accepted as a class teacher at Gurnard Primary school and, within two years, became a Deputy Head Teacher again.

I first became a Parish Councillor in the early 1990s under the chairmanship of Roy Westmore who had the reputation of getting things done. I had heard that he had been the prime mover in getting street lights for Chillerton. At the end of the 1990s he and the Parish Council worked hard to set in motion plans for creating the Village Green. I took on responsibility for liaising with the County Council to try to improve road safety measures in the Village but constantly encountered red tape which ensured change was almost impossible to achieve. Apparently, the same problems continue to exist today. I also checked all the footpaths and bridleways in the Parish, whilst out walking with my dog, and attended IWALC meetings.

In the late 1990s the Chillerton Store was becoming unviable. A declining older generation, who had relied on this particular facility, were disappearing and a younger generation were increasingly drawn to the larger town centre stores. These factors ultimately forced us to close. Loraine kept the Post Office going, for a while, as a Community Office until new rules also created a situation whereby we felt we could, no longer, run our small franchise. That too closed by the end of the Millennium.

In 2000, we sold, what was now purely a house, and moved out of the village to a smaller home in Horringford.

In 2011 my father in law had to be moved into a Care Home leaving his Chillerton bungalow empty. A family arrangement provided us with the opportunity to move in and back to the village again.

Both Loraine’s and my parents followed us to live on the Island during the 1990s and we shared many happy times with them. Inevitably, however, as age related issues arose, we found ourselves increasingly involved in their care. That situation continued for some 16 years until my mother was the last to pass away in 2016.

My brother and sister in law both now have a home on the Island and our daughter and her partner, who live in Ventnor, have provided us with two lovely grandsons.

I took semi-retirement in 2008 and then full retirement in 2013.

Loraine and I are extremely happy to be living in Chillerton again. It is a great community and we feel so at home.

I returned to Chillerton and Gatcombe Parish Council in May, 2017.


Additional information.

  • Loraine and I became friends nearly 55 years ago, while we were at school, although we didn’t actually get together until 36 years ago.
  • Before we moved to the Island, I had first played then coached and refereed rugby football. I also undertook several long distance walks over the rugged terrain of Britain.
  • One of my major interests now is singing and playing the guitar with the Brighstone Barnacles.
  • I keep fit through swimming regularly and the occasional round of golf – which I play badly!
  • I dabble in a bit of water colour painting but it is Loraine who is the artist.
  • I have had a love of motor bikes since I rode one on waste ground when I was about 14. I still ride one today and in that I am in good company in Chillerton were there are quite a number of motor cycle owners.

Area of special responsibility – IWALC representative


Register of Interests – Roland Payn

Juliet Davies

More details coming soon

Area of special responsibilitySouth Wight Health and Well-being Forum representative


Register of Interests – Juliet Davies

Katie Jones

Katie was co opted on to the Parish Council in May 2017

I was born in Worthing, West Sussex, and grew up into everything horsey; beginning  riding aged 10.   After working at various yards, including a riding school and a dressage yard near Hickstead, I undertook a saddlery  apprenticeship, working for my boss until he retired in 2010 and then setting up my  own saddlery business, fitting saddles, making and repairing all kinds of leatherwork, even non horsey items, such as  handbags, cases, boots, shooting equipment etc..

Other than the horses, hobbies include reading, gardening and walking with partner Graham and our four dogs

We moved over to the island in November 2016 with our many animals, and our son James was born in early April 2017.

As well as learning to be a new mum, I hope to re start my  saddlery business on the island come the autumn.

I loves life on the island, getting out and about in the countryside with the dogs ( and hopefully soon the horse!) and am enjoying getting to know the local community,  settling into a new life/work balance  as a family.

Area of special responsibility – Fixed Asset Register and Amenities


County Councillor for the Central Rural Ward

Steve Hastings

Email :

Brief Biography of Councillor Steve Hastings

 Hello fellow residents of Central Wight.

Having been elected as your Ward Councilor in the By-election (Jan. 2018) I feel honoured and privileged to be representing you in County Hall.

I live in Brighstone with my wife Beverley whose family ties go back many years on the Island and they were from Fishbourne.

Beverley and I first met in Shanklin many years ago.

My background is in industry and commerce having worked for Dimex Ltd, which became part of Yule Cato PLC. I also worked for Medichem International (veterinary products) and set up my own business selling environmentally safe products for cleaning and maintenance, which I ran on the mainland and did some business on the Island. I have now retired and just concentrate on my political life here on the Island.

I was previously a Councillor in Portsmouth before settling on the Island and bringing my wife home to the part of the Island that we both love best.

I am also a Parish Councillor for Newport Central having been elected to the position last May.

Throughout my life I have worked, visited and lived on this wonderful Island and it is now a great pleasure to call this place my home.


All of the councillors would be happy to meet and listen to any Parishioners who have comments, questions and thoughts on how the Parish can be improved.

Please contact them directly or email