Verge Project

Verge Project


We have an objective in our parish plan to foster an appreciation of the rural environment and our heritage, with activities that support wildlife, encourage play and exercise, investigate our history and improve public spaces. One of those activities in 2020, together with Shorwell Parish, was to survey the wildflowers in a number of roadside verges and encourage greater biodiversity by agreeing a new cutting schedule with Island Roads. You can find some of the surveys below.

We also helped produce a leaflet that celebrates our Island verges and is packed full of interesting facts and advice on what you can do to bring back colour and insect life to these vital wildlife corridors. The leaflets can be downloaded here and are funded by the AONB –

Nature’s Highways: Roadside Verges on the Isle of Wight 

Road Map

 3 Verge Types

This work will be continued in 2021 and we are looking for more people to take on a monthly survey of a new verge. Can you help? Please contact any of the Councillors or the Parish Clerk if you’d like to join the team.

Each month from April 2020 flower photographs, flower stories and surveys were collected.  They can be downloaded here:


June wildflower checklist

Hemlock water dropwort June 2020


Berry Lane Ramsdown to Roslin jct 060620

G10 Gatcombe Bridleway 060620

Rectory Lane to G10 060620

Sunken Lane Loverstone 150620


Shining Cranesbill May 2020

May wildflower checklist


Berry Lane G15 to Billingham Shute 29052020

Berry Lane Ramsdown to Roslin jct 070520

G10 Gatcombe Bridleway 110520

Loverstone Shute to G15 080520

Ramsdown to G15 110520

Rectory Lane to G10 110520

Sunken Lane Loverstone 060520


April 1 wildflower checklist

white deadnettle April 2020


Berry Lane G15 to Billingham Shute 05042020

Berry Lane Ramsdown to Roslin jct 070420

Loverstone Shute to G15 100420

Ramsdown to G15 020420

Rectory Lane to G10 0420

Snowdrop Lane Gatcombe 220320

Sunken Lane Loverstone 080420

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