Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch is one of the biggest and most successful crime prevention initiatives created within communities. It works on what the people living in your community most want and what most concerns you, bringing you closer together whilst creating an active partnership with the police.

neighbourhood-watch-signIt is reassuring to know that when you are not at home, there are neighbours actively watching your home for you.

Jill Webster is the village coordinator. If you are interested in becoming a member or volunteer or would just like further information please ring Jill (721483) if you live in the village) if you live outside the “main” village or email me on:-

Kind Regards,
Justin Keefe (PCSO 13341)
Local Police Community Support Officer for Chillerton.


Using his good looks and charm (his words not mine!!!) Justin has managed to get the price of SmartWater down to just £5 per household. This is a massive saving and certainly makes it worth considering. You just put a spot of this special DNA-type liquid on your valuables, and if they are stolen, and found by the police, they can check the SmartWater code and know who the property belongs to. It doesn’t help to catch the thief, but you should get your goods back.

We still have some timers, low energy light bulbs and UV marker pens- contact Jill if you would like any.

House Fires Kill

Get your home checked by the experts. Home Fire safety checks are free of charge. Ring 533834 (direct line) or 525121 (outside office hours).

Security Marking.

Please contact Justin directly or through Jill, if you would like your bicycle marked. Also if you are horse rider and would like your tack marking – there has been a spate of theft on the island- so again, contact Justin to have your tack marked, free of charge.

Identity checks

Please carefully check the identification of anybody who wants to come into your house for any reason. It is too easy to just take a quick glance at an identity card that is flashed in front of your face and assume that the caller is who he says he is.

Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask the caller to wait while you check it out. Better to be safe than sorry.


When there is immediate danger or you witness a crime taking please, please ring 999.

But for incidents such as:-

  • Vandalism and graffiti,
  • Noisy neighbours and loud parties,
  • Threatening and abusive behaviour,
  • Abandoned vehicles, dumping and fly-tipping,
  • Drunk and rowdy groups,
  • Drug related and anti-social behaviour,
  • Broken street lighting

Please ring 101

Alternatively there is the Crimestoppers line 0800 555 111 which you can call day or night with information about crime and your call can be anonymous- no one will know you phoned.

Or phone Jill on 721483, or Justin on 0845 045 45 45 and ask for Yarmouth Police Station.


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